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About Our Company

LOCKET TRADING is a private limited company, founded in Romania in 1994, with a registered capital of 700.000 Lei. It’s main activity is the wholesale of perfume and cosmetics. For the whole period of its activity, LOCKET has specialised in distribution and logistics services, and has always aimed to expand its coverage, improve the performance of its sales force and create a high quality experience for its clients. As a consequence, the company has always managed to be highly successful and competitive.

Ever since the beginning of its activity 1995, the business trend has been ascending and the company has expanded locally and nationally. Furthermore, the company has always been profitable, regardless of the challenging external factors.


  • Present – We are aiming to increase our performance by consolidating our business, searching for new opportunities in the internal and external markets, while maintaining and protecting our core values.
  • 2012 – We started working with SHP Harmanec Slovakia, importing paper products Harmony
  • 2011 – In December Georgia Pacific decides to abandon the Romanian market; shortly after, we begin our collaboration with Flasher Business Group Ltd, importer of Panasonic in Romania
  • 2010 – Another product portofolio restructuring occurs, which results in stopping our collaboration with Wrigley and starting new ones with Georgia Pacific Balkans Ltd and BiC Roamnia Ltd.
  • 2009 – The firm starts a collaboration with Wrigley Romania Ltd, and provides distribution services for the traditional trade as well as for the modern trade.
  • 2008 – We have expanded our household products portofolio, by adding a new national supplier – Romchim Ltd.
  • 2007 – Locket expands its area of work by diversifying into the distribution of contruction materials (zinc plated steel, reinforcing steel etc).
  • 2003 – The company restructures its supplier portofolio, ceasing the collaboration with Reckitt Benckiser and Henkel Romania, while starting a new cooperation with Colgate Palmolive Romania and Papillon Laboratoires Cosmetiques Romania Ltd.
  • 1994 – Locket starts the distribution activity with locally produced pharmaceutical products. It imports Molnlycke products (Libero disapers, Zewa tissues, etc.) integrating them into the local distribution. Beginning with 1998 it provides logistic services to international clients such as Metro, Billa, Carrefour and Selgros, as the unique importer of these products. It performs distribution activities
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