The company has a total of 74 vehicles, of which 20 are utility cars dedicated to the transportation of goods and 54 are personal cars allocated to the sales forces. We have a storage capacity of 1.310m2, formed by the 4 warehouses presented above.

Each warehouse is equipped with modern technology of loading and unloading the goods, resulting in an efficient optimization of the available space and resources.

Our warehouses

Suceava – covers SV and BT counties. Adress: B-dul. Sofia Vicoveanca nr. 52, tel/fax: +40 230 517 303, e-mail: suceava@locket.ro

Iași – covers IS and VS counties. Adress: B-dul Poitiers nr. 10, Fundac Oțelariei, tel/fax: +40 232 234 112, e-mail: iasi@locket.ro

Brăila – covers BR, GL, TL, CT, CL, IL, BZ and VN counties. Adress: Soseaua Râmnicu Sărat nr. 88, Parc Logistic „Baza 8” tel/fax: +40 239 612 972, e-mail: braila@locket.ro,

Piatra Neamț – covers NT and BC counties. Adress:  Str. Orientului nr. 4, în incinta Agrocaslo tel/fax:+40 233 229 661, e-mail: piatraneamt@locket.ro

Voluntari – covers Bucharest and IF, PH and DB counties. Adress: B-dul Eroilor nr. 4, tel: +40 737 028 609; e-mail: bucuresti@locket.ro

Brăila warehouse

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